• What exactly is IPTV?
    it's one of the most asked FAQ, IPTV which is also known as Internet Protocol Television is were internet is being used as a medium to send television channels to your TV at home. In other words, you use your internet connection to watch the TV Channels, movies and TV shows without an antenna or a dish.
  • What's different with IPTV?
    Well, when you get a dish TV connection, it is important to install the dish connection and decoder. However, you don't need to go through all that hassle with IPTV. You will be able to use the existing broadband connection to get media content. This is a cheaper and a hassle free alternative to traditional satellite TV.
  • Requirements for IPTV?
    In fact, to use IPTV you need to be equipped with a high speed broadband connection. Speed of the broadband connection should be at least 4Mbps.
  • How to determine speed and quality?
    It is important to make sure that you have appropriate speed needed for media streaming throughout the day.
  • All Devices Supported?
    There is a lot of our clients Ask us if Our Service Working on Firestick or Roku Or Comcast or Smart Tv, All Devices Supported
  • Is it possible to use IPTV in an apartment?
    Sure, you will be able to use IPTV in an apartment. All you need to have is a high speed internet connection to the apartment. It is a good alternative available to consider, especially when a dish cannot be installed at your property.
  • What are the payment options?
    You can pay for your service through Credit Card. Payments will be taken via a secure gateway and there aren't any hidden fees.
  • How Many Coonections?
    1 Connection for Each Subscription, if You Have A Lot Of Devices And You Need more Than 1 Subscription , we Have Offers For You, You Can Contact us From live Chat And We Will Give you good Prices.
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